Together we stand to share responsibilities of the ministry as we lead Kings and Priests to their destiny in God!


The Lighthouse Faith-N-Action Ministries, Inc.; Is a ministry that is rooted and grounded in faith and called to act her faith. We support the building of strong families, strengthening our Community, and building Kingdom Partnerships.

The Pastors of this Ministry are Apostle Debra and Elder Kenneth Harris. Together we are sharing responsibilities of the ministry to lead Kings and Priests to their destiny in God. We work as a team to expose the devices of the enemy as God desires to use marriage, as an be example of the Church. We have continued faith to lead a small congregation of people to believe strongly in the finished work of Christ.

Looking always to the Hills from whence comes our help, we look forward to the day when God will enlarge our territory as we are an example to others applying the principles of faith (believing, trusting and waiting on God for our set time). God has shown Himself mighty in the days of small beginnings.  These are the days of teaching and preparation for the harvest to come.

We were blessed to receive valuable training from their former Pastor, Rev. Dr. W.J Buchanan. They were trained and taught to be an example of what they preached and witnessed to others. Our hearts are continually bent towards God for such an awesome man and woman of God.

I (Apostle Debra Harris) received additional training in seminary school at Luther Rice University in Lithonia, Georgia; where she has earned two Master’s degree in Divinity and Leadership. She completed her studies in Guidance Counseling from the University of West Alabama; in Livingston, Alabama.

In our present ministry we are blessed to have our daughters Kelly Nicole Harris and Amber Latrice Harris, pioneers of the ministry, work so close with us in caring out our purpose in Christ. They are continuing to work in the ministry allowing God to use them in the music ministry, as well as the children’s ministry.

We are truly blessed to have a good foundation of people to build on. Together we are letting God’s Glory to be shown as we wait patiently for Him to manifest Himself in a mighty way.



Lighthouse Partnership

Partnership with Lighthouse Faith-N-Action Ministries, Inc. (LFNAM) involves a covenant connection. It is a commitment to assist Apostle Debra Harris and Elder Harris with fulfilling their God-given destiny to impact the lives of millions by spreading the Gospel worldwide. Every soul saved and every life changed through LFNAM is credited to the Heavenly accounts of our Partners.

A LPM(Lighthouse Partnership Ministry) shares responsibility in some common activity with another individual or group.

A LPM is a group or person committed to this ministry and shares its vision.

Partnership is the relationship between people who support one another in the achievement of a common goal.

We do not desire to partner with for just financial gain. Instead, it is an exchange of faithfulness from you to us and from us to you. Pastor Harris and Elder Harris and our Intercessory prayer ministry are faithfully and actively praying daily on behalf of LPM. We declare and decree the blessing, the empowerment to prosper and excel over the LPM. Partners of this ministry have a right to connect to the anointing that is on this ministry so that they, too, can prosper spiritually, socially, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially.

Our Part...

  • Continually pray you walk in faith in every phase of your life and ministry.
  • Study the Word of God to be a workman not ashamed to speak and teach the same.
  • Communicate monthly through our monthly newsletter.
  • Share with you an official partner certificate.

Partners Guideline

  • Pray for us daily.
  • Sow into the Ministry financially with your monthly pledge (2 Cor. 9:6-15)
  • Communicate monthly through our monthly newsletter.
  • Confess words of favor and life over the Pastor, Elder, their family, and the ministry. Always upholding your covenant partner.


A Partner is someone who is committed to this ministry and shares in its vision and mission. Ephesians 4:16 and 1 Thessalonians 3:1-3, works together for us as parts of the body of Christ and admonishes us support one another. As your partner, LFNAM wants to help you fulfill the will of God for your life and find the purpose as we sojourn in the earth.

Continually, as you sow toward the growth and prosperity of LFNAM’s vision, expect the manifestation of God’s vision for your life! Together we can with our special anointing be used to empower others to prosper. As we partner with other we will all play a significant role in building the kingdom of God on the foundation of God’s love and giving.

Partnership is Not...

Partnership with LFNAM is not a one-sided relationship. Instead, partnership is a mutual exchange of faithfulness. There is no dollar amount required to become a partner (2 Cor. 9:6-7). We do, however, encourage you to pray for us daily and give regularly into the ministry. Prayerfully, you should be guided to partner with this ministry as an act of love for God’s people and in obedience to God.

Staying Involved

Partnership benefits are available to you as long as you remain an active partner. Things to know and do remain active.

An active partner is someone who interacts with the ministry by calling or writing us, ordering products and sowing finances regularly within a 12-month period.

After 12 months of no activity, your partner account will become inactive.

This helps us to remain good stewards over that which ultimately belongs to the Lord, and also helps us to avoid burdening you with unwanted mail and other forms of communication.

The more you interact with us, the more you empower us to help meet your spiritual needs and the needs of others.

Also, be sure to keep us updated should your contact information change at any time.

How You Help to Change Lives

Your willingness to support this ministry financially makes a difference. Your precious monthly love gifts are used to: help assist with the ministries church in Kenya, Africa; purchase supplies for the Last Hour Broadcast, which airs in areas where the Gospel is scarce and produce products and witnessing tools to help others grow spiritually and prosper in every area of their life.

Your love gifts are also used to minister to the needs of those who are poor, widowed, orphaned, homeless and otherwise downtrodden; host conferences; build infrastructures and so much more. We appreciate all that you do for the kingdom through partnership and we pray God’s continuous favor and blessings in your life!

Lighthouse Outreach Ministries


Angel Food Basket Ministry: This outreach endeavour is used to help aid in the feeding of families and elderly within our community. We purchase non-perishable items and canned goods on a consistent basis to alleviate those that are in need of food. Your contribution each month will help aid in purchasing the non-perishable items needed to fill one box for a family or individual who is need of food.

Clothing Closet Ministry: This outreach endeavor is used to help aid in clothing families who are without clothes. In the past God has connected us with families that are enduring financial hardships, victims of tragedy such as house fires, in transition from relocation, or simply cold during the winter months. We have been able to collect gently used items along with brand new items for the home along with clothing items for babies, children, and adults. Your contribution each month will help to aid in clothing someone who is need of clothing.

Evangelistic Ministry: This ministry is an on-going ministry effort to just simply bring the good news of Jesus Christ to someone who is need of the good news. Our mission is to fulfill the Great Commission by telling someone about the Love of Jesus Christ. Each month our congregation visits others within our community spreading the love of Jesus Christ. In doing so they offer drinks and food to the community and pass out witnessing tools to help spread his love. Your contribution each month will help to aid in purchasing witnessing tools to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This can include witness tracts or Bibles.

Scholarship Ministry: This ministry was created in 2006 in efforts to help assist graduating high school seniors within the Coweta County area attend college in the fall. We have been able to award scholarships to six graduating seniors from the three local high schools in the community over the past six years. Your contribution each month will help to aid in assisting students achieve their higher education goals.

Your Contributions

All contributions made to the Lighthouse Faith-N-Action Ministries, Inc. are Tax Deductible. The Lighthouse Faith-N-Action Ministries, Inc. is a 501c3 organization. Any contribution made on your behalf will be documented. At the end of the year all LPM(s) will receive a contribution statement showing the amount of money you have contributed to the ministry.

Partner with Us

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